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Hi, I’m Aurelia! Welcome to Essence Naturelle Coaching

Welcome to Essence Naturelle Coaching website! I'm a passionate Dharma and mindset coach committed to help you in your inner journey to discover your Dharma and supporting you to uplift your mindset to implement the actions in the manifestation of your Dharma and a life that feeds your soul . While it might seem like I got here overnight, I didn’t. In fact, after grief and overcoming traumas I have started to question the directions I have taken in my life and wondered where my life was heading. See, I have spent a lot of time constantly being on the hunt of finding my own purpose, hopping jobs, countries and cities and comparing myself to societal expectations... I was still feeling unfulfilled and like I was not where I should be without being able to point out what was missing. My other trigger was that even if nowadays, it is getting easier to find information about spirituality, it's not always been and when I was younger I could not find resources and people to talk to. I had the "witch wound", and till this day I know it is still true for many. 


That's where discovering energy work and manifestation has helped me unfold and things fell back in place. 

Finding this balance, approaching healing in a holistic way, connecting to my intuition helped with greater mindfulness and stepping into my dharma. That is what I want for YOU today. Feel free to book a discovery call so we can get to know each other.

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