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The Purpose Map Workshop

The methodologies put together by the purpose map provides a compass to the realization and achievement of the explorer’s true self and sense of purpose.

The Purpose Map relies on an earth and sky (scientific and spiritual) approach to help our participants called “Explorers” to:

Discover and understand their true design


Identify and shift their blocks


Find their true purpose


Take action towards aligning purpose and their career/life

Benefits for your company

Part of the employee well-being pillar of your CSR strategy

Improve employee morale

Level up employee engagement and commitment

Improve relationships and collaboration within and across teams

Improve productivity and results by using the right resources and right skills at the right place and in the right way


Benefits for the employees

Understanding their true skills and talents

Understanding what inspire them

Increase of motivation

More satisfaction and more drive in their daily job or to carry on in another more suitable role in the company

Why the purpose map?

Very often, as an individual, we’re being confronted to limited beliefs that are being transferred through conditioning of society, family or other social environment. It can lead to a lack of sense of self, not being able to identify your strengths, manage your energy or relationships. It results ultimately to a lack of self-confidence, frustration, anxiety... Moreover, society tends to define single types of profiles or habits that define successful individuals, leaving a large number of others feeling inadequate, never finding the right way or place to shine.

Even for those societally accepted as being successful, there is often a sense of having done everything right and still not finding a sense of purpose or fulfillment. Leading to disappointment, lack of inspiration and possible burn-outs.


The Purpose Map Workshop

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